Renato D'Agostin presenting 'The Beautiful Cliché' @ Leica store SF

Nov 20th, 2014:

As the rain delaied my arrival~~ I finally made it to the lecture, trying to walk in quietly but my rain boots squeaked against the wooden floor--.  The short documentary video plays on the wall, telling the story of this young photographer with such attention in those who attended. And I wondered to my self who is this photographer, artist or poet? When Renato D'Agostin got up and told us a bout his work and they way he works... I began to think that maybe he is all of those things. His work has a sense of poetry, fragment of emotions, portrays in artist way as a photographer! 

There is a sense of mystery and disorienting in his pictures, as he told the story of how he like to photograph while feeling lost in an unknown land.  His work is quietly controlling the spaces within the frame and also steadily taking over the gallery. 

...Renato touring at SFAI  :) 

...Renato touring at SFAI  :) 




PS: By chance I've got the only copy of Tokyo untitled in SF beside the show copy at Leica store. (^_^hehhehheheh)